Joining the X-Class Corporation is like no other career choice you have ever explored. It is challenging, informative, exciting and rewarding.

X-Class Corporation offers tremendous career opportunities for a wide range of professionals. Because of the breadth and broad scope of X-Class Corporation mission, we employ professionals in fields as varied in intelligence analysis, laboratory sciences, linguistics, Cyber security, information technology, human resources, general management, etc. X-Class Corporation employees are committed to fulfilling the our priorities, security and upholding our core values.

* Jimmy Fasusi – Chief Executive Officer
* Harold Harford – Executive Vice President
* John Harris – Global Managing Director
* Tricia Harford – Director of Finance and Administration

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X-Class Corporation is known for building the finest IT Solution and Real Estate Investment. This recognition was earned through relentless research and development of high-performance Web Applications, Electronic Designs, Medical and real estate Investment and by continuously seeking innovative and low-cost design and manufacturing strategies. Additionally, our proactive cyber security approach enables the delivery of integrated solutions and resilient systems for seamless, electronic end-to-end protection. We provide reliable and trusted solutions for securing an organization’s information, systems and networks to ensure confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and availability. Our vision is to set performance standards for our customers worldwide, every day with the best people, best systems, and best services. Effective leadership at X-Class Corporation isn’t only about getting results. It’s about getting results in the right way with the right people. Our leaders are expected to continually promote ethical behavior, support diversity and make decisions that protect the confidence, health and safety of our employees as well as the natural environment through a solid corporate culture that is second to none.

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