About Us

X-Class Corporation is known for focusing on a cross-section of disciplines including Real Estate brokerage, IT solutions, Research and development that is profitable and beneficial to our clients and customers.

Through years, X-Class Corporation has invested in research, acquired companies like Kensington Office Machines in 2002 to help facilitate it’s vision in the IT Industries. We have partnered with some the finest company including HP, Xerox, OKI, Canon, Brother to name a few in our quest to providing IT Solutions to our valued clients.

X-Class Corporation provides reliable and trusted solutions for securing an organization’s information, systems, equipment and networks to ensure confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and availability!

Our vision is to set performance standards for our customers worldwide, every day with the best people, best systems, and best services. We are proud of our contract and services to the Federal, State and local government institutions.

Our proactive cyber security approach allows delivery of secured, integrated solutions and resilient systems for seamless, electronic and web protection.

One of our goals and interest is to help facilitate and bridge global gap in medical and pharmacological research to prevent, managed and cure diseases using verifiable medical, local and traditional studies from natives and research institutions.

Our ultimate goal is to raise the standard of real estate professionalism, IT services, Cyber Security, Research-Health and Electronics, with consultant, developers, designers and investors.

• Research – Electronics and Health
• IT Services with Utmost sincerity
• Building enduring relationship
• Establishing distinguish clientele
• Delivering superior secured services
• Web Development and Innovations
• Real Estate Investment

Our milestone achievement in real estate investments and IT Services with our partners has earned us innumerable awards. You are rest assured you can use X-Class Corporation group of companies with confidence.

X-Class Corporation owns Kensington Office Machines (Government Contractor), X-Class Realtors (Real Estate Services),.