North Korea Has Electromagnetic Pulse Weaponry According to South Korea’s Spy Agencies

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. It may occur in the form of a radiated, electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on the source. Electromagnetic pulse is commonly abbreviated EMP, pronounced by saying the letters separately (E-M-P).

EMP is generally damaging to electronic equipment, and its management is an important branch of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering. At higher energy levels, an EMP event such as a lightning strike can cause more widespread damage to aircraft structures and other objects.
The damaging effects of high-energy EMP have been used to create EMP weapons, both nuclear and non-nuclear. These weapons, both real and fictional, have gained traction in popular culture.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in a report to parliament that the North had purchased Russian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry to develop its own versions.
EMP weapons are used to damage to electronic equipment. At higher energy levels, an EMP event can cause more widespread damage including to aircraft structures and other objects.
The spy agency also said the North’s leader Kim Jong-Un sees cyber attacks as an all-purpose weapon along with nuclear weapons and missiles, according to lawmakers briefed by the NIS.
The North is trying to hack into smart phones and lure South Koreans into becoming informants, it said.
It has collected information on where South Korea stores chemical substances and oil reserves as well as details about subways, tunnels and train networks in major cities, it said.
The spy agency also said North Korean spies were operating in China and Japan to distribute pro-Pyongyang propaganda.
North Korea is believed to run an elite cyber warfare unit of 3,000 personnel.
A South Korean lawmaker, citing government data, said last month that the North had staged thousands of cyber attacks against the South in recent years, causing financial losses of around $805 million.
In addition to military institutions, the North’s recent high-profile cyber attacks have targeted commercial banks, government agencies, TV broadcasters and media websites.
North Korea has denied any involvement in cyber attacks and accused Seoul of fabricating them to fan cross-border tension.

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