There is little doubt that marketers are always on a hunt for the next best thing. The idea is to break into the realms where no one ventured before. Marketing is a very robust and dynamic field. It requires a great deal of attention and hard work to make things work in your business’s favor. In today’s business world, it is impossible to survive without aggressive marketing.

Mobile marketing is one such concept that has taken the marketing industry by storm. To say that mobile marketing is the new avatar of marketing practices across the globe would be an understatement. Mobile marketing is a vast concept, the more you explore it, the more qualities you discover. Here is how mobile marketing can be quite beneficial for your business:

Mobile marketing 101
In a recent study conducted by Forrester found that almost 42% retailers in the US access their email accounts through smart phones. This ratio was approximately 28% in the year 2013. Similarly, a meager increment was noticed among tablet PC owners who accessed their email accounts through their tablets. This ratio remained at 16% in 2013. Judging by these trends, it is evident that mobile devices are fast becoming a popular medium to access the internet.

For this reason, more marketers are diversifying their strategies and focusing more on optimizing towards mobile devices. At present, mobile marketing is proving to be a serious competitor to mainstream marketing platforms such as TV, newspaper Ads among others. In another study, it was revealed that approximately 14% tablet owners and 7% Smartphone owners have used their devices to buy an advertised product. The same study stated that 18% Smartphone and 12% tablet owners use their devices to discuss different TV programs on their social media accounts.

Easy Accessibility
If current trends are anything to go by, the future of mobile marketing looks quite promising. Interestingly, the trend of mobile users preferring to buy and subscribe services over the internet is forcing businesses to optimize their websites for mobile viewing. This was also highlighted when Google made it mandatory for every website owner to make their WebPages easily accessible from mobile devices. Since most users keep their phones and tablets are turned on all the time, promoting their products and sending emails has become quite easier. What is more, owners of these devices are often an arm’s reach away from their devices, day and night, which guarantees that they’ve read your message somehow.

Improved Data Management
When compared to other personalized marketing channels, CRM can be dramatically improved when users have their unique phone number and IDs. This will greatly benefit the marketer as their message will reach the targeted audience anyhow. Compared this to previous marketing techniques where the sent message was all but an inexact transaction that may or may not have brought desired results. Here are some examples that testify the success of your mobile marketing campaign:

• Using browser cookies to send/ receive the data.
• Using SSL (flash) cookies to send the data.
• Sending data by tracking the user’s IP address.
• Sending the marketing content through postal address.

Moreover, mobile marketers understand that mobile numbers are an actual delivery address that they need to work on. This way, they’ll successfully transmit the message to the audience.

For mobile marketers, mobile marketing provides the following benefits:
• Distribution – allows marketers to reach out to possible customers throughout the world.
• Affordability – mobile marketing is very affordable as there are no postage expenses involved.
• Immediacy – campaigns can be created and run very easily and messages are delivered within very short time, often lasting for a few seconds.
• Quantifiable – marketers can easily track the results of the launched campaign through accessing customer.
• WOW Factor: the concept is relatively new, the purpose is to make your campaign to extract maximum results of the campaign.
• Integration of marketing campaign – successful integration of any mobile marketing campaign is a testament to the success that is coming ahead.
• Response and effectiveness – the more responsive your mobile marketing campaign, the more effective it will be.
• Reach ability – mobile marketing campaign should reach as many as possible.
There is no denying that mobile marketing is the future of marketing, just as was the computer almost 40 years ago. With mobile devices becoming more powerful and able to do more, mobile marketers have a great opportunity laid ahead of them.

Cost efficiency. With limited budget for marketing, most business owners are faced with the same issue. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of Dollars to reach your customers via their mobile phones. On the contrary, mobile marketing is one of the most affordable ways to advertise your products or service, build a brand name and boost loyalty

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